co cechuje dobre szafy chłodnicze

One of the most important but little appreciated features of refrigeration equipment is their dynamics. It tells you how quickly a given device can cool or freeze a certain mass of products - this has a direct impact on their quality. Each new product that we place in the cabinet should be cooled to the set temperature as soon as possible, so that it does not have time to heat the neighboring ones too much. Low dynamics of the device in such a situation may lead to partial heating or thawing of neighboring products, especially when the new product has a larger mass.

Cooling equipment dynamics

dynamika urządzeń chłodniczych

Autonomy of cooling equipment

An important feature of cooling and freezing cabinets is their ability to maintain the temperature in the chamber. This not only helps to achieve higher dynamics of the device, but also to keep our dishes and ingredients at the required temperature in the event of a power outage.

Cooling and freezing cabinets from the PREMIUM line achieve long temperature maintenance thanks to high-quality insulation with a thickness of up to 90mm and a density of 40kg/m³.

autonomia urządzeń chłodniczych