Fair Play

The "Fair Play Enterprise" program is affiliated with the Polish Chamber of Commerce and its organizer is the Institute for Private Enterprise and Democracy. Enterprises participating in the program, are doing very well in the market, achieving economic successes are respecting ethical values on a daily basis in the meantime. This confirms the thesis that ethics and business are not contradictory.

In 2019, Dora Metal Sp. z o.o. for the 21st time received the "Fair Play Enterprise" title.


The Best of WordHotel

"The Best of WorldHotel" COMPETITION DURING THE INTERNATIONAL FAIR OF EQUIPMENT OF ACCOMMODATION FACILITIES WorldHotel.In addition to the prestige and the possibility of using the "The Best of WorldHotel" marking, it is an opportunity to stand out from other products available on the market, as well as a recommendation for potential buyers.

2016 The main award for Modern filtration methods in hoods in the category "Equipment and devices for hotel gastronomy".


Golden Payer

The "Golden Payer" plebiscite is a campaign promoting economic entities distinguished by high payment morality, reliability and timeliness of settling monetary obligations towards their contractors.

Among the surveyed companies, only every 20 manage to maintain a high rate of payment morality at a level higher than 80 points. Our score is 99 points.

We have proudly adopted the Golden Payer Certificate 2014. This is proof that we are an organization that maintains the highest standards of payment discipline, for which late payments are a phenomenon practically unknown.


Pround of You

The main idea of the Proud of You plebiscite is integrating business, establishing and strengthening economic relations, and entrepreneurs appreciating entrepreneurs for their daily effort put into the work of developing companies and the region in which they operate. The edition of the plebiscite in Wielkopolska took place under the auspices of the two most important economic organizations in the region - the Wielkopolska Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Wielkopolska Lodge Business Center Club.

Dora Metal Sp. z o. o. took 4th place in the economic plebiscite PROUD OF YOU in the Best Product 2015 category.


Ambassador of the Polish Economy

The Ambassador of the Polish Economy organized with the participation of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland - aims to reward the best examples of good business practices in foreign contacts.

2012 Ambassador of the Polish Economy in the '21st Century Solution Creator' category
2015 Ambassador of the Polish Economy in the "Partner of Foreign Companies" category
2016 Ambassador of the Polish Economy in the "Highest Quality" category


Reliable Company

The winners of the Reliable Company certificate are an elite group of reliable and responsible entrepreneurs. Every year they undergo a process of thorough verification, during which social groups of experts - Regional Colleges - assess fulfillment of obligations and timeliness of settlements, including with the Tax Office, Social Insurance Institution, Customs House or the Commune Office. Equally important is public verification - in the press, the Internet, on posters - because the best confirmation of a company's solidity are its contractors and partners. Sending documented allegations as to the reliability of the Program participant triggers additional verification activities. If the allegations are confirmed, the company will not receive the certificate, if the allegations concern the Winner, the certificate may be withdrawn.

Dora Metal received the Certificate - RELIABLE COMPANY 2004,2005,2007,2008,2009,2010,2011,2012, 2013


Market Leader

The purpose of the competition is to award and promote companies, products and services with a leading and well-established market position, as well as innovative technical, technological and organizational solutions. The competition appoints leaders and allows you to better use the advantages of a leader. It is settled in the following categories: company, product, service, including manufacturing, commercial and service enterprises.

The Market Leader competition stimulates the spirit of market competition which is one of the most important elements of the company's development strategy. The competition strengthens the achievement of strategic market goals, helps build a strong, stable and valuable brand.

The competition is addressed to the best companies in Poland, regardless of size, legal, organizational or ownership form, or the type or area of business. The competition is decided based on the competition rules. Winners are selected by a comparative method of competing entries as the most appropriate and objective form of selecting the best companies, products and services on the Polish market.

In the Market Leader competition - unlike other such projects in Poland - there is no principle of discretion. The best winner wins, which is guaranteed by the rules of the competition, which is an attachment to the application - the contract concluded between the participant and the organizer.

Dora Metal received this award in 2002.


European medal

The Business Center Club, with the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (represented by the minister for EU membership) and the Honorary Patronage of the European Economic and Social Committee based in Brussels, is the organizer of a non-commercial, nationwide undertaking called European Medal. The purpose of this venture is to distinguish and promote products and services offered by companies operating in Poland, stimulate interest in European standards and regulations in force in the European Union, stimulate interest in the European Union's multi-million market among Polish entrepreneurs, stimulate the interest of consumers and entrepreneurs from European Union countries - Winners of the Medal European. Products and services that meet European standards are awarded the European Medal. The nominated service (or product) must meet the standards required by law, have the appropriate licenses, patents, etc. The company's dynamics, awards and certificates obtained are crucial here.

Dora Metal has repeatedly won this extremely prestigious award

  • European Medal for Products - 3rd Edition - 2001
  • European Medal for Products - 5th Edition - 2002
  • European Medal for Products - 9th Edition - 2004
  • European Medal for Products - 15th Edition - 2007
  • EUROPEAN MEDAL 2010 - DORAM Culinary Technology Center
  • EUROPEAN MEDAL 2011- BARline equipment and furniture
  • EUROPEAN MEDAL 2012 Comprehensive equipment for gastronomic kiosks on the example of the City Stadium in Poznań
  • EUROPEAN MEDAL 2013 for Products for the Hot Dog Module
  • EUROPEAN MEDAL 2014 for the ERIK lines series
  • EUROPEAN MEDAL 2015 for monoblock
  • EUROPEAN MEDAL 2017 for built-in devices
  • EUROPEAN MEDAL 2016 for "Modern ways of filtration in hoods"

EUROGASTRO Best Fair Offer

The prize is awarded by the independent Jury of the International EUROGASTRO Fair, which includes outstanding experts from the industry, including well-known chefs, restaurateurs and HoReCa specialists.

Dora Metal:

Award for the Best Fair Offer in the EUROGASTRO 2000 Accessories category
Award for the Best Fair Offer in the category of Technical Equipment EUROGASTRO 2003
2008 - Award for the most original and professional exhibition stand in the category "gastronomy devices"
2009 - Main award in the category "Equipment and software for restaurant rooms and bars" for counter lines.
2013 - Main award in the category Equipment, accessories and raw materials for confectioneries, ice cream parlors and bakeries, for a cooling display case a tub.
2015 - Award for ERIK COUNTER LINE in the competition for the Best EURO GASTRO 2015 Product in the category "Equipment and accessories for cetering".
2016 - Distinction for modern filtration methods in hoods in the category "Kitchen facilities - heavy equipment and furniture".


Golden Laurel of the International Logistics Fair

The award is granted for the distinctive utility and economic values of products presented at the MTL Logistics Fair, intended for the logical security of the Polish Army and formations subordinate to the Minister of Interior and Administration.

The award is granted by the MTL Logistics Program Council. Dora Metal received the Golden Laurel of the International Logistics Fair three times

  • Golden Laurel of the International Logistics Fair - LOGISTICS 1997
  • Golden Laurel of the International Logistics Fair - LOGISTICS 1999
  • Golden Laurel of the International Logistics Fair - LOGISTICS 2000

MTP Golden Medal

Golden Medal - expert recommendation
The MTP Golden Medal is one of the most recognizable awards on the Polish market, which is awarded - after careful assessment of experts - to innovative products of the highest quality.

Dora Metal:

  • Golden Medal of the Poznań International Fair - POLAGRA 1997
  • Golden Medal of the Poznań International Fair - POLAGRA 2001
  • Golden Medal of the Poznań International Fair - POLAGRA 2008
  • Golden Medal of the Poznań International Fair - POLAGRA 2010 / GASTRO TRENDY 2010
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Dora Metal is a leading company in the gastronomy industry in Poland, with many years of tradition and experience in designing and producing professional equipment for the HORECA sector.


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