Almost 30 years of the company's presence on the market, accumulated experience and modern machinery let the DORA METAL products to operate in over 120,000 facilities in the country and abroad. Products manufactured in our factory can be found all over Europe and even abroad. We are extremely proud of every implementation. Join the portfolio of our satisfied customers.

 Please see examples of projects that deserve special attention:



Centrum Bajki - Pacanów - POLAND


Restaurant and Bar New York - Gniezno


Restaurant for employees - France

Self service systems / cooling equipment / built-in devices


Hotel "Pietrak" - Gniezno

Self service systems / cooling equipment / built-in devices


High School Jacques Callot - France

Self service systems / cooling equipment / technological furniture


Akademia Sztuki Wojennej - Warsaw

Self service systems / Built-in devices


Evotec International GmbH - Göttingen , Germany

Self service systems / buffets / cooling equipment / technological furniture


University Hospital  nr 2 im. Jana Biziela in Bydgoszcz

Kitchen appliances / cooling equipment with refrigerant R290 / technological furniture / ventilations hood

Partner: ALLGAST

Shell gas station - Kąty Wrocławskie, PL  

One of the most modern gas stations. The port consists of a gas station, market, cafe and restaurant.

Partner: SAS Zielona Góra

Kabat - kitchen and staff canteen - Budzyń, PL

Eryk counter line, furniture, heating/cooling devices, Kromet devices - gas stems, electric stems, pans, electric boiling pans, fryers.

Partner: CSP Wrocław

BALOO Disneyland in France

Meal distribution systems and buffets

Arłamów Hotel - Poland

Meals serving system

U.S. Army Training camp - Hohenfels – Germany

Mobile meal distribution systems - kitchen facilities

LEONI Kabel GmbH - Roth - Germany

Canteen / company canteen equipment - meal distribution systems

Implementation FAIR RESORT HOTEL - Jena - Germany

Meal distribution systems, buffets, kitchen facilities

Martin Luther Stiftung – Hanau – Germany

Meal distribution systems

Landessportschule - Bad Blankenburg - Germany

Canteen / meal distribution systems / buffets / kitchen facilities

Deutsche Accumotive – Kamenz

Canteen / company canteen / meal distribution systems, breakfast buffets and built-in appliances

Mitsubishi Electric Deutschland employee canteen in Ratingen

Equipment in the form of distribution systems for meals / breakfast buffets and kitchen facilities

STADTWERKE – Jena – Germany

Counter systems, central buffets, built-in appliances

SKODA – Weiterstadt – Germany

Canteen / staff canteen - publishing systems and built-in devices

Leseberg Automobile - vintage car showroom - Hamburg - Germany

Staff canteen - meals serving system with kitchen facilities

Food chain Andronaco - Germany

Refrigeration equipment\ meal distribution systems

BPLC in Metz - bank headquarters in Metz - France

Meal distribution systems, built-in appliances

Folga Brewery - Gryfice, PL


Partner: Northgast

Fricke GmbH Heeslingen - Germany

Meal distribution systems, technological furniture

Bühler GmbH Braunschweig - Germany

Meal distribution systems

Hotel and restaurant Fiesta i sjesta - Nowa Sól, PL

Furniture and refrigeration equipment as well as Kromet devices

Partner: Ulm-Neu-Ulm Zielona Góra

Canteen at the Sciteex Factory in the Kłoczew commune - PL

Cooling devices, technological furniture, meal distribution systems, hoods

Partner: COMBI CO Sp. z o.o.

Obiekt Haguneau - France

Meal distribution systems, technological furniture

Boska Restaurant - Gliwice, PL

Technological furniture, cooling devices, Kromet devices

Partner: COMBI CO Sp. z o.o.

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